When will Pokemon Go Available on Andorra?

Pokemon Go is available for Australia in iOS (iTunes) and Android (Google Play) at the moment but Andorra. However it’s not available for Andorra yet. There are many people who are playing this game on the world at the moment. If you also want to play this game with your iOS or Android device, you will need to wait for it some time. However there are still people who can download this game from Andorra. If you would like to contact with them, you can join our chat rooms to talk. Click here to go to Pokemon Go Andorra Chat. You will meet many nice people there and you are going to make new friends on the website. You will get many information about game and recent updates. You will also hear about news on the website. You can also learn how to catch specific Pokemons in different areas.

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You can learn how to download this application from one of these steps:
Please click here to see steps for Android

Please click here to see steps for iPhone

We are going to announce that it’s available on Andorra when Pokemon go has released on stores of Android and iOS. You can also learn how to download it via our chat rooms. You are going to meet many online people from other countries also. Good luck.