Team Leaders revealed: Candela, Blanche, Spark

Pokemon Go has announced team leaders recently in their Twitter account. Red team (Valor) leader is Candela. Blue team (Mystic) leader is Blanche and Yellow team (Instinct) leader is Spark. People were waiting for Legendary bird pokemon event in Hall H, however there were not any event like that. So too many people disappointed because of that. Founder of the application has told that these events will come some time later in the game.

Valor (Red Team) is focused on strength. Mystic (Blue team) is focused on evolution and analysis. Insticnt (Yellow team) is focused on intuition and hatching. You can select one of these teams when you get level 5. You won’t able to join a team or a gym until you get level 5 on the game. You should select your team carefully after you get 5th level on the game and you should pick the one which will suit to you well.

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Design of Pokemon leaders are very successful and each teams has logos from different legendary bird pokemons.