Our Services are Currently Unavailable on PokéVision

Many Pokémon Go fans has disappointed with the text “Our Services are Currently Unavailable” main page of the PokéVision. PokéVision was one of the most popular services for Pokémon Go recently. However with the recent updates of Pokemon Go, the website doesn’t work anymore. Many fans has been complained about situation on Twitter and Facebook. The website hasn’t work since Pokémon Go has limited access to third party services like PokéVision. So you won’t able to detect Pokémon in your area and you will need to search them randomly without this service. Click here to download Pokevision Alternative.

PokéVision devs has written these their fans in their official Twitter account:


We are sad with the situation about what happened to PokéVision and we hope that they will start to give their excellent service to Pokemon Go fans once more. However some applications has appeared after PokéVision is down and they are some alternatives for you. We are going to mention about these alternatives for you on Poké Chat. You will able to find the Pokemons from similar applications with PokéVision. If you would like to know these applications please keep watching us.