New Pokemon Tracking System Revealed on Pokemon Go

Niantic Labs has revealed new Pokemon Go system through their official Pokemon Go account on Twitter and they have published new pictures about that. After Pokevision’s death, many people has criticized game developers and they have wanted the website back. However it seems devs don’t want to give permission to third party access at the moment and they have made new changes for tracking system. You will able to see where are pokemons exactly on your map. However this only works for nearby Pokemons. If a Pokemon is not nearby on the game, you won’t see where is that. So the feature is not going to provide detailed information like Pokevision sadly. But you can still find out where are Pokemons.

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As you have seen in the pictures, you will able to get the pokemon location in the map. This feature is reminding Pokevision to use, however it’s not strong enough as same as Pokevision. There are still some alternatives of Pokevision but they are not good enough yet. However we are sure the game will be easier for Pokemon Go fans with this feature and they won’t walk around aimlessly. You will able to catch any pokemon you want (around of you) this feature.