Moon and Sun Will Be Available on Pokemon Go?

There are many kind of Pokemons in actual version of Pokemon. However we couldn’t manage to see moon and sun forms of Pokemons in Pokemon Go yet and many Pokemon fans asking for it. Besides there are more pokemon kinds in other Pokemon games. However Pokemon Go didn’t include many legendary and normal ones to the game yet. Some experienced Pokemon Go fans didn’t like the game because of that and some of them has stopped to play since there are only basic creatures in the game. There are many complaints about that and there are complaints about there is not enough kinda pokemon in the game. Many Pokemon fans is expecting moon and sun forms of Pokemon will be active on Pokemon Go also and they are waiting for this update as soon as possible. You can watch the video below which you can see sun and moon Alola forms of some pokemons:

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If you have any questions about these pokemons and related with Pokemon Go, you can ask it on our Questions and Answer service without registration. Pokemon Go hasn’t make any statement if they will publish moon and sun on the Pokemon Go yet.