Why You Should Save Stardust in Pokemon Go?

If you are playing Pokemon Go and you have found so much stardust in the game, we recommend you to not to use them at the beginning of the game for pokemons which has low CP. Otherwise you will waste your items for nothing since you will able to catch pokemons with higher CP when you level up. You should use these items on Pokemons for the strongest ones which you have caught. We don’t recommend you to use them until you get higher level. You may also use these items on fully evolved Pokemons. Since they will have higher stats than most of Pokemons you have.

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  • It won’t worth the upgrade a pokemon with a stardust until you get a pokemon with very high CP.
  • It won’t worth it until you pick a pokemon team for yourself.
  • It won’t worth it until you evolve your pokemons fully.
  • You will able to catch higher CP Pokemons when you level up.