Which Pokemons You Can Get with 5 KM Eggs in Pokemon Go?

Eggs are one of the most favorite features of Pokemon go fans in the application. If you would like to know what kind of Pokemon you get with 5 km eggs, you will find a guideline here. You will need to hatch these eggs and walk about 5 km to get them on the application. There are 39 kind of pokemons you can get from 5 km eggs. There are some rare pokemons included on these list. Let’s see what kind of Pokemons you can get with these eggs (There are only a few pokemons listed in the picture above. Please see the list below for full list):

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You can get these pokemons with 5 km eggs. There is also Max CP of all these pokemons you can get via eggs. Click here to see Max CP list of these pokemons. If you have any questions about game play, eggs or any other subject about Pokemon Go, you can take a look at our Questions and Answers platform. You can ask questions in your mind there and get answers from other users of the application.