What Pokemon Do You Get with 2 KM Distance Eggs?

Do you play Pokemon Go and you had 2 km distance egg in the game? Are you curious what pokemon you will get with these eggs? You can find a detailed list on here. You will need to hatch the egg and walk about 2 km to get these pokemons. There are 14 different kind of pokemons in 2 km distance eggs. You can have these pokemons after walking about 1 kilometer. This is the list of Pokemon you can get via hatching 2 km eggs (You see a few pokemons which you can get picture above. Please see the pictures below for see full list):

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You can get these pokemons with 2 km eggs and add them to your team. You will need to walk about 2 kilometers to have them. If you would like to know Max CP of these Pokemon, you can get the list in our website. There is a huge Max CP list for you on PokeChat. If you would like to ask any questions about 2 km distance eggs or anything related with Pokemon Go, you can use our Questions and Answers system. You are going to find answers of your questions and ask anything related with the game on this platform. You don’t need to register for asking questions.