What are Gyms for on Pokemon Go?

Gyms are one of the most important locations of Pokemon Go and you will able to lead your team in this locations and you can train your pokemons. We are going to give some information on Gyms on here for beginners of the game. If you are quite new in the game, this will be suitable information for you.

Where are Gyms in Your Location?

Gyms are generally important places, squares or near of some high buildings in the game. You can also find these locations in parks and many other areas. When you look at your map, you will able to see a few of them. Gyms are like we have shown in the picture above. It is in blue color and it means blue team owns the Gym at the moment. It can be also red color and yellow color. When you get level 5, you will able to select one of these teams. These teams symbolizes different training type of Pokemons.

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What to Do in Gyms?

You can battle with other Pokemon Go players in the gym and you can try take over the gym from another team. However you should do it, when you think that you are strong enough. Actually your pokemons should be strong enough too. Otherwise you are not going to win it at all and help your opponents to get stronger. It will cause your Pokemons to die. If you don’t know what to do after your Pokemon dies, you will able to find some tips on here.

You can also train your Pokemons with friendly opponents in Gyms and you can help your pokemons to get stronger. Your Pokemons is not going to die in a friendly fight.