Ways to Get Free Dust on Pokemon Go

Dust is one of the most important items on Pokemon Go application to strengthen your Pokemons. There are two ways to get dusts on the game and we are going to mention about these for you on here. So you will able to get free dusts and you will able to evolve your Pokemons easily. You don’t need to do much for getting free dusts.

What to Do For Getting Free Dusts on Pokemon Go

There are two ways to get free dusts on Pokemon Go:

Way 1 – Catching Pokemon

This is the most ordinary way to get free dusts on the game. You will already need to catch Pokemons to level up on the game and get some stronger Pokemons. So dust will come to you while catching Pokemons. You won’t need to do something special for this step.

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Way 2 – Defend The Gym

We have told you how to defend your Gym in our guidelines before. Of course you will receive some free gifts with sending your Pokemon to defend a gym. That will be 100 free dust and 10 free Pokecoin. These are the most useful items of Pokemon Go and defending Gyms will help you to get these items.

If you would like to know how to get free Pokecoins, you can read our guideline about that on PokeChat. Have fun!