There is not Any Pokestop in City or Town

There is not any Pokestop in your city or town but you want to request one through the Pokemon Go support? We are going to tell you how to do that on this page and you will able to have a Pokestop in your location. How will you request a Pokestop? Quite easy. Let’s tell you how to do it.

How to Request a Pokestop

You will need to use Pokemon Go support for request that. Let’s show you what to do:

1-) Click here to go to support page of Pokemon Go.

2-) Click on “Submit a Request” button.

3-) Select “Reporting PokéStop or Gym Issues” from the options.

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4-) Then tap or click on “Report game problems with a Pokéstop or Gym”

5-) Enter a valid mail address, describe the problem in “Additional info/reason for your request” section.

6-) Enter your nickname

7-) Enter other required information you need to give.

Normally requesting a pokestop is not available on Pokemon Go at the moment. However if you don’t have any Pokestop in your town or city, you can let developers know about the issue. If they think that your town or city is big enough to own a Pokestop, you may find one of these locations in your town soon. Good luck!