Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found

Many people is getting GPS Signal Not Found error on the Pokemon Go application with iOS and Android devices. This is a known issue about the game. However that doesn’t impact to game play generally. However you can find yourself in a emptiness in the map. If that happens, it means there is a problem for you. This error is generally happens in small towns or some areas of cities when the application can’t figure where are you located. You will able to learn how to fix this problem with our tips on this page and you will resolve the problem. Actually you can resolve this if you have a Wi-Fi connection.

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To Resolve to GPS Signal Not Found Error

You need to close Pokemon Go application and enter settings of your phone. Join any wireless network around and connect to internet. After you connect to internet, run Pokemon Go in your iOS and Android device. That’s all. You won’t get this error and your map won’t be empty at all.

If you can’t join any wireless internet network, so you need to go with your phone to known area in your city or town. Squares, libraries, churches, mosques and such… When you visit these areas run your Pokemon Go application and begin to play the game.

Step by Step

  • Close application.
  • Open settings in your phone.
  • Join a wireless internet network.
  • Run application

Alternatively try visit known areas in the town or city with your phone.