List of Free Items You can Get From PokeStops

If you are new in the game and if you don’t know what will you get from Pokestops, you can get a small list of these items on here. There are not many item types you can get from PokeStops but you can get many useful tools for the game.

What Items Can You Get from Pokestops?

1-) Pokeballs: Pokeballs are the most useful tools for you in the game. If you are not visiting Pokestops much, you will go out of balls in the game when you are around Level 7 and you will need more balls. It means you will need to visit a PokeStop or you will need to purchase pokecoins from shop of the game. You will get better Pokeballs in higher levels.

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2-) Egg Incubator: You can get temporary egg incubators from Pokeballs and it will help you to hatching eggs faster. You will able to hatch two eggs in a time if you manage to get a temporary egg incubator.

3-) Revive Potions: Revive potion will help you when your pokemon dead. You will able to resurrect a Pokemon with this potion in a Pokestop.

4-) Health Potion: If your pokemon’s health is very low, you can use this potion to give some health to him.

How to Use Pokestops?

So how will you get these items? It is pretty easy. Firstly open the application  and check the closest PokeStop to your location. Go near of this location and tap on PokeStop icon on the map. The Pokestop will appear on your screen with a picture. Spin to picture to get these free items