I Can not Login to My Pokemon Go Account

Pokemon Go is a new application for many countries at the moment and many users are having problem with login their accounts on this application. We are going to provide you some solutions on here and you are going to learn how to fix Pokemon Go login problem. If you are facing this trouble after recent update, we recommend you to restart your device and try login to your account. If you can not still login to your account with the application please do these steps:

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  1. Close the application if it’s running still. Check the version of the application and check current version of the app on iTunes and Google Play. If your app is outdated, please update it. If you are already using the new version please check the next step.
  2. Try reinstall Pokemon Go in your device. If you don’t know how to reinstall, read our guideline about how to do that.
  3. If steps didn’t work above, you should get support from Niantic Labs. However we don’t know when they will answer your request. That may take a while since there are many bug reports about the application. So Pokemon Go team can be a little bit busy to answer your support request immediately.
  4. Click here to request support from Niantic Labs.

If you have any questions to other Pokemon Go users, you can use our Questions and Answers service.