How to Revive a Pokemon

Your Pokemons have 0 HP and you want to revive them? It is very easy. You will find information on how to revive them on here. There is only way to revive your Pokemon. You will need to go to a Gym. If you don’t know where is closest gym around of you, you can click on “Ask Us” link below and you can get ask other Pokemon Go users, where is closest Pokemon Gym in your city. After you arrive to Gym, you will need to open your bag and you need to select revive. After you select the revive, go to your pokemon list and select the Pokemon for revive.

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You shouldn’t click on potion items to heal your Pokemon at this stage. You will need to revive your dead Pokemon first. There can be lag while you are doing this, just wait a few minutes and get your pokemon back. That’s all you need to know about reviving Pokemons. It’s very easy. Let’s see what should you do step by step:

  1. Go to a closest Gym where is located near of you.
  2. If you don’t know any Gym around you can ask us.
  3. After you arrive Gym, open your bag.
  4. Select revive item from the bag.
  5. Select the pokemon which you want to revive.
  6. That’s all.