How to Revive a Pokemon on Pokemon Go

Did your Pokemon die in Pokemon Go and you would like to resurrect him/her? You can do it through revive items. on the game. We are going to tell you how to revive a Pokemon on this page for you and you will able to do it easily through our tips on the website. Let’s begin to tell you how to do it. It will be quite easy for you. Firstly you will need to check your inventory. To check your inventory, you should run Pokemon Go app, then click on pokeball image on the main page and then select “Revive” item from the list. If you don’t have any revive items, you will need to visit Pokestops to get free Revives. If you don’t want to walk around, you will need to purchase them from the shop. You can have Revive items bulk with pokecoins. However if you don’t have pokecoins, you will need to purchase them. If your Pokemon is not dead by it’s in low HP, you will need to use Potion for that. If you don’t know how to use Potions, you can click here to learn. Let’s tell you how to Revive a Pokemon, step by step.

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Revive Your Pokemon

You can revive your Pokemon with following steps:

  • Run Pokemon Go application in your Android or iOS device.
  • Tap on Pokeball image on the main page.
  • Tap on items.
  • Find revive from item list and tap on image of revive.
  • You will see the pokemon list which you can revive on the next page. Click on the pokemon which you want to revive.

That’s all. If you don’t know any revive item, you will need to visit Pokestops.