How to Request Removal of a Pokestop on Pokemon Go

Does any Pokestop’s location disturbing you? You will able to request removal of these pokestops from your location if you want. Niantic Labs is allowing you to apply for that and you need to have a good reason to remove these pokestops from the location. There are four selection for removal of a Pokestop in support page of Niantic Labs. These are:

  • Dangerous: You need to select one of these options for the reason: On a major roadway, highway, freeway or bridge. On an airport runway or train tracks. In the middle of a body of water with no land. Interfering with emergency operations. Other. You will need to fill the flank and describe the danger of Pokestop there.
  • Not at this location: You will need to enter exact name of Pokestop, address  for this section.
  • Private Property: If Pokestop location is a private property, you will able to request removal of the pokestop. You can choose this section if the pokestop in a private business, landmark, park, residential, place of worship, school. If it’s not one of these options, you can select other option from the options.
  • Other: If you want a Pokestop to be removed from a location for another reason. Select this option and tell the reason.

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You can click here to go request removal of a Pokestop from Niantic Labs. You need to click or tap on “Request removal of a PokéStop or Gym” for entering the request area.

Then follow the steps:

  • Enter your e-mail address to required field.
  • Give some extra information that why you want this pokestop to be removed from the application.
  • In third field select one of the options that why do you want it removed. You can see these reasons at above.
  • Enter information needed for required fields.
  • You should type exact pokestop name and exact address of pokestop.
  • If you know Latitude / Longitude you can enter it. This is not required.
  • If you have any file to send, you can attach it.
  • Click or tap on “Submit” button.