How to Request Removal of a Gym on Pokemon Go

If you would like to remove a Gym from Pokemon Go, you will need to send a request to Niantic Labs for that. They are generally removing Gyms which are located private property, landmark, park, residential, place of worship (sacred places, churches and mosques), school if they get any request for that. If you are annoyed with a gym in your location and if you want Niantic Labs to remove it, you can apply for that. We are going to tell you how to do that with a step by step guideline. If you would like to remove a Pokestop, you can click here to learn how to remove a Pokestop from the application. Let’s give you tips step by step on this page.

Send Request to Remove a Gym

1-) Firstly, you should visit this page of Niantic Labs. It is about removing gyms from the application.

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2-) Enter a valid e-mail address since Pokemon Go team may contact to you.

3-) Give some detailed information that why do you want gym to be removed application. We recommend you to write a good description on here.

4-) Then select one of these options if Gym is in a dangerous place, in a private property or not in this location. If these are not suitable for you, select the “Other” option and describe the problem.

5-) Enter name of the Gym.

6-) Enter address of the Gym.

7-) Select suitable options in required blanks.

😎 If you have any picture about situation, please add it to attachments.

9-) Finally submit the form.

That’s all you need to do. Niantic Labs is also asking for phone number in some options. Don’t forget to write a valid phone number to the website. Good luck!