How to Play Pokemon Go Without Walking

Is it possible to play Pokemon Go without walking? Yes it is… There are various ways to do it on the game. We are going to tell your regular ways and different ways to play the game without walking on this page. We recommend you to read to descriptions well since some of these ways may cause you to get ban from the game. Let’s tell you how to play the game without walking.

Use Incense

Incense is will help you to lure Pokemons around of you. Pokemons will appear near of you about 30 minutes with using these items and you won’t need to walk around. All pokemons will appear close to you and you will able to catch them.

To use incense. Go to your inventory, tap on “incense” and tap the location where pokemons will appear.

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Moving Legs

It is not working everytime but it’s a known bug of the game. Sometimes you will able to walk around with moving your legs like walking. We could manage to find a Dragonite with this strategy.

Playing Pokemon Go in Computer

This is another way that you can find Pokemons. If you don’t know how to download Pokemon Go to your Computer, click here to get download link. You will need Nox App Player for that and you can login to your Pokemon Go account with this application. However you may get ban because of using this. So we recommend you to be careful about that. You need to have a good ram in your computer to play this game.