How to Join Battles on Pokemon Go

Do you want to join a battle in Pokemon Go and you don’t know how to do it on the application? We are going to tell you how can you do it in this page. There are three ways to join Pokemon battles on the game. If you would like to fight against another Pokemon masters, you will need to train your Pokemon very well and you will need to know it is ready for the battle. We don’t recommend you to involve to battles before 25th level. However if you still want to, it will be your choice. Let us tell you how you can join these Pokemon battles. We wish you good luck!

Ways to Join Pokemon Go Battles

There are three ways to join these battles:

Attacking a Gym of Another Team

Attacking a gym of another team will help you to join a battle and you will able to control a gym for your team if you manage to win the battle. However there will be many pokemons who are defending these gyms. So it’s recommended to have your friend with you, you may need reinforcement.

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Defending a Gym of Your Team

Defending a gym of your team will be the best experience for you if you are new with battles. You can send your best (or whichever you want) pokemon to defend your team’s gym. If anyone from other team attacks your team’s gym, your Pokemon is going to respond the attack and hopefully you will win it. If you don’t, it’s highly likely that you will need to revive your Pokemon.

Friendly Pokemon Battles in Your Teams Gym

This is the best way for train your Pokemons. Your Pokemons won’t die, if you ever lose a match. However you will need to use some potions to heal your Pokemons. If you don’t want your Pokemons to get serious damages in battles, you can give a try for friendly Pokemon battles.