How to Heal a Pokemon on Pokemon Go?

Is your Pokemon hurt and he/she is in low hp on Pokemon Go? There is a way to heal up your pokemon in a gym. If you would like to do that, you should find the closest gym around your location and you need to visit there. After you visit there, you need to open your bag and click on your hp potions. Please don’t click on revive items if your Pokemon is not standing 0 hp. If your Pokemon is in 0 HP, you should revive it. Click here to learn how to revive your pokemon. You will able to do it easily. After you click on HP potion, you need to select the pokemon which you want to heal up. If you don’t know gym around, you can ask about that with clicking the link below.

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Let’s see what you should do for healing a Pokemon step by step:

  • Go to near of a gym. If you don’t know any gym near of you, you can ask other users in our Questions and Answers service.
  • Open your bag and select a HP potion in your bag.
  • Select the pokemon which you want to heal.
  • You are done! You healed your Pokemon.