How to Get Pokeballs Free on Pokemon Go

Are you out of Pokeballs on the game and you don’t know how to get free balls on Pokemon Go. Here is some solutions for you. When you are out of Pokeballs and meet with a rare Pokemon, it will be the worst moment you will have in the game. So don’t forget to get your balls freely before getting out of them. So how will you take these balls?

Level Up

If you are close to level up and if you don’t have many pokeballs. No need to panic. You will able to get your balls soon. Levelling up is one of the easiest ways to have these balls. You will able to get pokeballs for each levels. When you get higher levels you will receive better balls to catch stronger pokemons.


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Almost every cities and towns have some pokestops in specific locations. You will able to get balls from this locations and will have more pokeballs in your inventory. When you get higher levels you will able to get better balls from Pokestops. If you don’t know where are pokestops in your location, you can ask in our question and answer community. Other Pokemon Go users from your city or town are going to respond you.


If you have Pokecoins, you can purchase some balls from store of the game. 20 pokeballs are just 100 pokecoins in the game. We recommend you to not to rush to spend your pokecoins and you should prefer to visit pokestops first. You can also purchase pokecoins from the shop if you would like to spend money for the game.