How to Get Free Potions on Pokemon Go

Your Pokemons are at low HP? So you will need some potions in the game. If you don’t know how to use these items, you can find some tips on Poke Chat. You will able to increase hit point of your Pokemon and it will regain its health once more. If you are out of potions, you will need some free potions and we are going to tell you how to find them on here.

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Get Free Potions on Pokemon Go

Firstly you will need to run the application in your Android or iOS device. After you run the application, you will need to tap on Pokeball icon in the map page of the application. Then tap on the items lists and check if you have any potions. If you don’t have, return to map page and see if there are any blue icons on the map. Blue icons are generally pokestops. You can tap on the image to figure out if it’s pokestop or gym. If there is not any pokestop around of your location, click here to learn where to find them. After you find a Pokestop near of your location, walk through it and tap on the Pokestop icon. You will see the image of the location in a circle. Spin the image which is located in a circle and get new items. If you are lucky enough, it will drop some potions for you. If it doesn’t drop any potions, visit another pokestop or wait for 10 minutes. The pokestop will refresh and you will able to spin it again. If you are very busy to visit Pokestops, you can also purchase potions with pokecoins. If you have saved some coins, you can use them. If you don’t have any pokecoins, you can purchase them for real money on the shop.