How to Find a Specific Pokemon on Pokemon Go

Unfortunately it’s not possible to find specific Pokemon without help websites or applications which are using of third party tools in Pokemon Go. Niantic Labs has told that they have limited access for third party recently. Pokevision is not working because of that and the website is down at the moment.  There are still alternatives of Pokevision but most of them are not working perfectly. You can click here to check Pokevision alternatives. These alternatives may help you or not. We haven’t tested them in our devices yet. However it’s highly likely that, you will not get 100 percent performance with these tools at the moment.

So there is only one way for you to catch and find specific pokemons on the app. You will need to check nearby Pokemons carefully wherever you visit. That’s how you can do it if you don’t know how to use the feature:

Firstly you will need to go to right bottom of the app and tap on little images of pokemon we have shown with arrow in the picture for you.

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How to Find a Specific Pokemon on Pokemon Go

Then take a look at list of pokemons which are close to you in your location.

How to Find a Specific Pokemon on Pokemon Go 2

If you would like to catch one of these pokemons you will need to walk around a little bit. After you catch your targeted pokemon, you can change the area. However this won’t be easy for you since you will never know where is the exact pokemon you want to catch. Pokevision was providing this information for us and it will be too hard to play this game without them. We want them back soon.