How to Defend Your Team Gym on Pokemon Go

If you would like to your team gym on Pokemon Go, you will find a guideline on here. You will able to help your team easily and that won’t take your too much time to move your Pokemon to a PokeStop for defending the Gym against other teams. However you will able to transfer only one Pokemon to per Gym on the game. So we recommend you to select a Pokemon after think about that very well. You won’t able to change the Pokemon at all.

How to Defend Your Team Gym on Pokemon Go

Let’s tell you how to defend your team gym step by step:

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  • Firstly, run the application and find a gym which is owned by your team. You can understand it through color of the gym.
  • Walk near of the Gym.
  • Tap on Gym icon to enter.
  • Tap on Add Pokemon button on the application.
  • Choose a pokemon.
  • You are done! Now your Pokemon is defending the Gym.

If you see any other gym around, you can walk through there and add another Pokemon there. You won’t able to remove your defender Pokemons. However if your Pokemon has beaten by another player, it will return to you. If it’s dead, you will need to revive it. If its HP is low, you will need some potions to heal it.