How to Catch a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

If you are a beginner in Pokemon Go and if you don’t know how to catch a pokemon, this guideline will help you to know how to catch a Pokemon on this application with your Android and iOS devices. The things are same for both devices.

Firstly, you will need to download the game to your phone and run it. After you run it, wait for a few minutes for appearance of the map for a few seconds and check around of your character, if there is any Pokemon around of you. There is not any Pokemon? Don’t worry, begin to walk around and try to find one. If a Pokemon image appears near of you while you are walking, congratulations! You have found one! And now, you have to catch it! Tap on Pokemon to enter catching screen. When you face with the Pokemon in a new screen, it means you are ready to catch it. Now you should throw your pokeball with correct angle to your target Pokemon. If you miss, it will be a waste of Pokeball. However you can get these balls from Pokestops. Don’t worry about it. If you manage to hit pokemon with the ball, it’s highly likely that you will get the Pokemon! You can see to how to catch the pokemon in video below.

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However when you get higher levels in the game, it will be harder for you to catch Pokemons. So it is not going to be easy for you and you will need higher level balls.