Download Pokemon Go from Saint Barthélemy for iPhone and Android

Do you live in Saint Barthélemy and you would like to download Pokemon Go and want to play it in your Android or iPhone devices? You can download the game with the steps we have shown you below. You don’t need to pay for these services. You won’t need to download anything else for getting the application at all. Please follow one of these steps to get Pokemon Go in Saint Barthélemy:

Please click here to see steps for Android

>> Have any Question? Ask Pokemon Go Players! <<

Please click here to see steps for iPhone

If you already have the game but if you would like to meet Pokemon Go users from your country, you can join our Saint Barthélemy chat room to meet Pokemon Go fans. You don’t need to register for chatting this service. You can also ask any questions about the game and downloads. You will need to make a download for Android device but no need to make any download for iPhone. You will get the app from App Store.